Biofilter Media


When it comes to some production processes, you will sometimes have odors that are produced, such as wastewater treatment plants or food processing plants. The processes can have the presence of foul odors due to decomposition. Our Bio filter media product is an odor abatement strategy that is comprised of a diverse culture of organic matter making this not only an effective, but efficient solution to mitigate these problems.

At the Natural Biofilter Media Company, we manufacture and supply various sizes of bio filter media products for different sized bio filter beds and air flow requirements. Our product is used to decrease and alleviate the air pollution that occurs through the process of organic matter decomposition. Through the use of microorganisms removing odors from air pollutants, through a thin boifilm located on the surface of the media material in the biofilteration bed. Our filtration media is made up of several different types of wood types  making it a green solution; with no harmful chemicals and no combustion source making our final product benign and safe for all industries big or small.

Why use bio filtration products?

The use of a bio filtration system that is 100% organic is a beneficial, cost effective way in alleviating odor pollution while being environmentally responsible. The biological treatment of these air pollutants creates a continuous and mindful business plan, along with integrating a cradle-to-cradle strategy.

The process is simple; Microbes metabolize the compounds found in the polluted exhaust.

Our product is a proven air control system that is effective in environmental sustainability and treatment.

Natural Biofilter Media Company, has 18 years experience producing and manufacturing a high end product of natural  media material,  ranging in various sizes for your business' different needs to meet the necessary air flow requirements. The purpose of our product is to decrease and alleviate the air pollution that occurs throughout the process of organic matter decomposition. Through millions of microorganisms grown naturally on our product they safely remove odors from air pollutants through a thin layer referred to as biofilm. Our knowledge and ability to create all sizes of biofilter media allows us confidence in maintaining important factors such as the PH balance, porosity and overall performance needed to filter efficiently.   Our air filtration media is made up of several types of wood media, root and body wood, making it a green solution.




Pile of biofilter

Material for size

Biofilter with glove for sizeing

Biofilter cell (empty)

Biofilter container (full)

Person on biofilter area

Stumps to be ground